Press Release 9/11

Celebrating life while fighting terrorism

Planting 50.000 trees to commemorate 9/11 attack

On the 11 of September 2013 Africa Initiative for World Peace (AIFWP) with the support of the Association Bernadette Strebel World Peace Europe (ABSWP) join the rest of the world in remembering that tragic day that change the World forever. 12 year ago our heart are still bleeding as we remember the over 3000 children, men and women who perished in the attack.

In order to celebrate life, a commemoration memorial tree planting event was organized by both organization and with the support of the local Edo State government and also with a guest of honor, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria Dr Andrew Pocock.
A total of 50,000 tree seedling were donated as contribution to the September 11 memorial peace tree planting. This mayor collaboration was a local government initiative, demonstrating the great support they have for the Trees for Peace project and the honest interest in raising awareness among the population.

The Dr. Andrew Pocock said during anniversary that the trees planted apart from honoring victims of Sept 11 attack, will also helping to solve our world climate problem. During the commemorating tree planting, he planted a tree and also hoisted the British National flag, while the Edo State Governor hoisted the Nigeria National flag as a symbol of partnership for World Peace. After the tree planting a Minute silence was held in honor of all the victims of the attack in Government House Benin City Edo State Nigeria.
He also presented an award to commemorate the September 11 Peace Tree planting Project in Nigeria. He said the tree planting exercise was to protect the environment, urging everyone to support the one million tree planting exercise by planting a tree.

President of the African Initiative for World Peace, Bernadette Strebel said in her speech: “the memory of the September 11 disaster is still most painful. Nevertheless, it has taught us one lesson, that no act of terrorism, however how terrible can change the view we have of the world.” She also expressed her gratitude to the local government for their support to the Trees for Peace project.

The Governor of the Edo State, who also deeply supports the project, added:
“We all have seen that the world of terror does not have national boundaries, they don’t require visa to move from one territory to the other.
Terrorists are like air. They flow freely.
Nations must collaborate when it comes to terrorism, regardless of political orientation and the orientation of government. When it comes to terrorism we should speak in unison and we readily appreciate the effort to commemorate the 9/11 event and the need to popularize it among our young people, so that they would grow up to recognize how terrorist operates and put security consciousness on the minds of our people”.

He then refer to the environment:

In the past, people thought that for the poor, the environment is not a priority, but we now know that the poor are going to be at the receiving end if the environment gets worse. We are ready to do whatever we can do as a Government to ensure that our people are environmentally conscious”.

Finally, following the request done by the president of the ABSWP organization, Edo State Governor , Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole donate a brand new 4-wheel-drive vehicle to support the One Million Trees for Peace Project in Africa, which is crucial for the operations in the plantation.


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    Hallo Bernadette, wir haben uns vor vielen Jahren in Spanien, san Jaime kennengelernt. Ich habe mich immer wieder gefragt, was du machst und wie es dir geht. wir sind inzwischen seit über 20 Jahren in Österreich gelandet. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du dich einmal melden würdest. Vielleicht kann ich dir ja auch bei deinen projekten irgendwie meine mithilfe anbieten. Alles Liebe Elke

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