Peace OM Temple

Personal Development
Date:Jan 03, 2006

A centre for all religions and belief systems. A centre for development.

For all human kind
  • The Challenge

    Access to the health system is too expensive for many families in Africa. The lack of education is a reality impacting many individuals. Deplorable working conditions are common. Many people do not have a job or occupation.

  • The Solution

    A peaceful “temple” was created. A place where tolerance, equality and religious freedom prevail, serves as a meeting place and refuge for everyone and offers space for peace meditations, conventions and seminars. As well know now in the West, meditating has been proven to  lower blood pressure, reduce stress and have many advantages for the health of the body and mind.
    This is also an open space for communication and collaboration. A scape and alternative to the reality they face on a daily basis. We they can feel whole and create new energy.

  • The Process

    The building was created in 2006 in the Benin City, Nigeria. Currently weekly meditations, gathering and seminars take place. People from all social backgrounds, beliefs and religions participate and are welcome in these meditations.Twice a year, large scale global meditations take also place.

  • The Results

    The Home is open daily, has a total of 51 “full time members” plus the non registered and visitors.
    Twice a week, during the morning and evening, guided meditations take place. The average of attendance of a morning mediation is between 45 to 90 persons; in the evening between 60 and 130. For special occasions there were registered up to 1300 persons attending one of the gatherings in a open space.
  • Where the money goes

    The founds raised for this project will cover the maintenance cost of keeping the building, including the surrounding grounds and trees that have been recently planted, and the maintenance of the events held here (routine guided mediations). In addition, further development of this site is required. In particular, the boundary walls need to be raised, a proper entrance gate needs to be constructed, complete with a lodge for a security guard.

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