Bridge of Hope

Famine Relief
Date:Jun 03, 2003

Bridging hope where is truly needed.

When hope is all there is
  • The Challenge

    A severe but localized food crisis occurred in Zinder and Maradi, districts in the Republic of Niger, between 2003 and 2006 caused by insufficient rainfalls.  High food prices, and chronic poverty were the consequences. In the affected area, around 66% of the population is considered highly vulnerable to food insecurity. This caused food shortages, starvation and child malnutrition for millions.

  • The Solution

    Bridge of Hope was conceived in order to bring peace to areas of conflict in Africa.  This project started in 2003 saving thousands of starving children who were dying as a results of the food crisis.

    The project brought food and clothing to more than 7.000 families. The Nigerian branch of the Nestlé company provided food for about 3.500 undernourished children.

  • The Process

    Our local affiliated organization Africa Initiative for World Peace installed two distribution centers for food in the Zinder and Maradi districts. Highly motivated helpers of our organization are on site and coordinate relief. We did not only provide food for people in need.We also want to build several schools that will offer a holistic education to thousands of local children.

This project has been already completed and closed for the moment. If you wish to collaborate to reactivate this project please contact us for more detailed info.

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