Peace Academy

Educating the Future
Date:Jan 03, 2012

The future lies in their hands

Sponsor access to education

The children are our future

  • The Challenge

    Most children in Africa have no access to school education due to a lack of schools and qualified teachers. The main task of the Peace Academy will be to improve access to education for underprivileged children in Africa by providing an adequate and inspiring learning environment.
  • The Solution

    The plan is to finance a school for 2.000 children in Benin City, in Edo State in Nigeria. The complex will be around 1.500 square meters. The project is supported by the Nigerian Education Ministry.
  • The Process

    The project is supported by the Nigerian Education Ministry which has agreed to pay the salaries of the teachers.

    The educational system will have three levels:

    1. Pre-School Development
    2. Primary School
    3. Secondary/High School

    We aim to start with a program for Pre-School Education, because it does not exist as a public service. Today such a program is only available in private schools. We see a holistic education, particularly in a pre-school program for the underprivileged, as a key to end the circle of poverty, illiteracy, premature marriages and child abuse.
    The primary school curriculum will be in accordance with national standards and will be completed by extra programs preparing the students with a holistic vision for their future lives.
    The educational needs of High School Development are enormous because of the high mortality rate of middle-aged adults due to HIV/AIDS infections. This loss has to be stopped as it is causing a dramatic decrease of development and growth in local communities.

    We will pay special attention to:

    • Establishing multipurpose educational centers providing free education and other services targeting orphans and very poor families
    • Offering school re-entry for teenage mothers who are often denied the right to an education because of stigma and cultural pressure
    • Free access to Primary School
    • Academic monitoring, guidance and mentorship
    • the provision of free lunch-meals


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