Sharing what we do
Date:Jan 03, 2012

A way of visually showing your contribution

If you cannot measure it, it does not exist
  • The Challenge

    Media sometimes shows a vision or paradigm of reality. Currently there is a common vision over the situation in different parts of Africa related to poverty, corruption and caos.
    We believe is necessary to show the actual situation ‘as is’ and what is being done from our side to change that reality.

  • The Solution

    We want to independently report and cover the projects we are working and the communities where these take place. We want to share with the world and our contributors what is been done, how is the people behing this whole initiative. By doing this, we shall all have a better knowledge of the world we live in. Without any pre-existing paradigm.

  • The Process

    We are fundraising for a full photo and video reportage to show the current status of the projects. This will include a profesional pro-bono photographer ‘on field’ and video footage made by locals. The images and videos extracted from this reportage will be shared and offered to our members.

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