Questions and answers

Is my charitable donation tax deductible?

Donations received from Europe are tax deductible. As we are a non-profit organization NGO, officially registered in Valencia (Spain) with the number NIF G 54106661 and according to a finding of the European Court of Justice. (See: Münchner Merkur, Feb 2009). Donations are also tax deductible in Switzerland, where we the association ABSWP CH entered in the Commercial Register for the canton of Zurich under CH- has been granted tax exemption by the Zurich Cantonal Tax Office as it pursues charitable goals. As far as other countries are concerned, please get in touch with your tax lawyer, as conditions might differ from country to country.


Can I make a donation in a currency other than the Euro?

If you would like to use another currency for your donation, just convert the total of your donation from Euros to your desired currency and transfer this sum to one of our accounts, where it will be indicated in the account currency anyway.


Can I leave money  in my will to ABSWP?

Legacies are possible and welcome.  Specific legal regulations are quite complex and differ from country to country.   We recommend you take advice from a qualified person (a Lawyer, a Notary, a Legal Adviser...).


How can I participate actively in ABSWP?

We are looking especially for people who are prepared to contact local companies, associations, clubs, church-communities etc to promote ABSWP and its projects in order to obtain donations. We are also happy to welcome dynamic collaborators who are willing to contribute with their skills to our projects. Please refer HERE:


When will my first tree be planted?

In Nigeria we have only one season for tree planting. If your donation is made between January and June, then your Peace Trees will be planted that same year, using the seedlings we have in our Nursery. If your donation is made between July and December, then by November we will plant seedlings of your Peace Trees in our nursery and transplant them to a permanent site in the forestation area by April of the following year.


Where exactly are the trees planted?

The Edo State Government has made available 400 hectares of land for Peace Trees in Ehor Forest Reserve in Egbisi and Irhue localities. These are both in Ehor in the Uhunmwode Local Government Area of Edo State. The trees are planted in an area where the forest has already been devastated, in order to return this land area to its former state and so help to support our climate in peril.


How many trees can I donate?

For the time being the project has been predefined to one million trees. If you sponsor 100 trees or more a small forest will be defined that can, if you wish, be named after you.


Why has ABSWP  taken the decision to co-operate with the Nigerian government, which is widely condemned with a negative image?

ABSWP is strongly convinced of the fact that world-wide condemnation and strong feelings of rejection cannot bring about positive changes in Nigeria. We think that only trust and cooperation will be able to do that. Several important members of the Nigerian government are working for constructive political, economical and ethical change leading to a peaceful Africa. By showing our trust and offering our cooperation we want to help them reach that goal.