Education is a way out of poverty.

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Peace Academy


Establishment of a school for orphans and disadvantaged children over 6 years of age.


The objective of the school is to facilitate a better future for orphans and disadvantaged children. We aim to promote their understanding for the significance of world peace, their tolerance towards other religions, their love, diligence, acceptance and respect for nature through education.


The primary focus of this project – all plans have been determined – is to give children access to basic school education, and provide them with a better and more extensive learning environment. We are looking for sponsors, that will help to realize this project.


Most children in Africa are denied school education, as there are neither enough schools, nor sufficient qualified staff. With your support, we can make a small contribution with enormous effect together. After all, children are the future, and the foundation for a more peaceful world.


This project is very close to the heart of our current project manager in Nigeria, Festus Onogholo: He also had to discontinue his schooling due to a lack of financial resources. Bernadette Strebel financed his school and university education, until he graduated with a degree in agriculture and education.


The Peace Academy is a non-profit institution. To cover costs, fees are charged for some courses. However, the provision of education opportunities for all takes priority – irrespective of the financial situation.



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