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Trees for Peace

Trees are one of the most important pillars of the ecosystem. They clean the air and produce the oxygen we breathe in. Forests give life and make things flourish. Consequently, the population has access to more water, more fruit, more firewood, more construction material and more food for animals. Planting trees creates local jobs, generates local income and helps to produce local food. Thanks to the broad and diverse range of associated projects, the impact of the ‘Trees for Peace’ initiative can simultaneously be felt on several relevant levels.

OPEPE-BILINGA (Nauclea diderrichii)

GMELINA (Arborea gmelina)

TEAK (Tectona grandis)

Since the wood from this tree is stronger than beech or oak, it is used as building material. Its properties are on a par with medium-heavy or heavy wood.

This tree is extremely useful for paper production and processing. This undemanding tree grows quickly and can reach a height of up to 18 m, and that in virtually any climate or soil condition.

This hardwood tree is one of the primary, and technically most important tropical types of wood imported by Western countries. Our ‘Trees for Peace’ teak trees are intended for local use.

MORINGA (Moringa Oleifera)

This tree from the Himalaya region is referred to as the ‘Tree of Life’ or the ‘miracle tree’. Food supplements and animal feed can be produced from its leaves, while its seeds are a source for edible oil. They are also used for water treatment, and in the shadow of its crown, the social life of the communities is thriving. Moringa has become a trend product in recent times, also making it suitable for export. The Moringa tree grows 3 metres a year, and its diversity makes it a perfect choice for self-help projects.


Our affiliated NGO in Nigeria, African Initiative for World Peace (AIFWP), employs local workers to plant and look after the trees. This way, we create secure jobs while promoting their sense of responsibility. The AIFWP employees prepare the land, tend to the trees, and continuously protect the saplings from weed overgrowth. Income is used to pay the wages, and support our other projects.