Visions of ABSWP

Vision Statement

“Nurturing individuals who consciously and continuously wish to contribute to create a more peaceful and joyful world. Executing and supporting sustainable, scalable and effective actions and solutions.”



“Self-reliance, self-responsibility and personal development.”



“Sustainability, Self-reliance, Trust, Transparency, Tolerance, Promotion of Women, Holistic Aspect.”






We support projects based on self-reliance, which are compatible with the principles and goals of the organization, with start-up financing until independence is ensured.



We establish an appropriate basis of knowledge and consciousness to provide a scheme which is sustainable, ecological and cost-efficient.



We seek and encourage trust and reliability in all persons involved.



We maintain open and honest relationships with donors, members, sponsors and institutions on the basis of trust and transparency combined with ethical and moral criteria.



We commit ourselves to fellow human beings. Religions, ethnic groups or political views are not barriers. As a mediator, we encourage tolerance, better communication and more equality.


Promotion of Women

We pay particular attention to the specific gender issues in society and work to address them.


Holistic Aspect

We consider that material sustenance and development are ensured through spiritual consciousness and fostering the intellect.